Article On Work Is Worship Essay

Meaning of ‘Work is Worship’: Every man is born with two hands and a mouth. It means God wants us to work. We have to work to satisfy our needs. When a man works sincerely, he gets success in life. When he works half-heartedly, he is bound to fail.

As is the case with work so is the case with worship. A worshipper worships with some aim in mind. He wants to be free from sufferings. He does not worry about the obstacles on the way. A worshipper can find God if he worships sincerely. A worker can succeed if he works honestly. So work and worship are similar in nature.

Discoveries and inventions: The man who works hard brings happiness to the earth. We have many immediate needs to meet. Man discovered fire to cook his food. He discovered clothes to protect himself against cold. He had no shelter. So, he built huts and houses. Man invented machines to produce things faster. Man kept on inventing one thing after another. He succeeded in his efforts only when he worked day in day out. Columbus discovered America, despite all difficulties. Marconi invented radio after devoting all his lifetime to it. So work and worship are of the same type.

Happiness: Both work and worship aim at ending sufferings. They try to create happiness on earth. Man invented machines. They are of different kinds and for different purposes. What we did with hands is now being done by machines. We do not have to work slowly and painfully. Machines work faster and better. All this shows the truth of the saying that “Work is Worship”. Man’s work aims at creating better and happier conditions in society. A worshipper wants to be free from want, hunger and sorrows. A man who works for improving the living conditions of human beings is also a worshipper.

Conclusion: But too much of everything is bad. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. So, we should both work and play. Where work is creating something for the benefit of society, it is worship. It is a blessing to mankind. But wicked work like starting war, looting people, black-marketing, smuggling, etc. is not worship. Work that is done for the welfare of human beings is worship.

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