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The Argumentative Research Essay

Purpose: To persuade
Audience: Diverse / Educated adults.
Length: 4-5 pages (1200 - 1500 words)
Documentation: Minimum of 4 sources with MLA citations

Your final essay will be an argumentative research essay. Once again I expect you to "join a conversation," quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing from outside sources, while at the same time making your own individual contribution to the topic. You will choose your topic from the Gale Opposing Viewpoints resource available through the Richland Library. To access this material, go to the Library home page:

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For each topic there are multiple readings and these will be a central part of the "conversation" to which you respond. Some topics have dozens of articles. I don't expect that you read all of them. But you should read, at a minimum, five to six different viewpoints. You are required to reference at least four of these in the body of your essay.

You may also choose sources that are not in the database, but be sure that they are reputable sources (no Wikipedia, etc.)

Whichever topic you choose, you will eventually need to narrow the topic and find your focus. You can't discuss every aspect of these broad topics in a few pages. Therefore, you will need to take the broad topic and narrow it down to a specific claim that you want to argue. This claim should be clearly stated in the form of a thesis statement. Remember that a thesis for an argumentative essay should be debatable and should clearly stake out a position. Refer to the readings in this section to help you create a narrow, debatable thesis statement.

Dashua Williams
Professor Patrick Murphy
English 1302.8439
13 Nov 2012
School Uniforms-The Ongoing Debate
School is a place to learn, grow and acquire the necessary fundamentals to become a productive adult in society. I believe school uniformity create an environment where kids can learn and focus on their education. School uniforms should be required in grades pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. I recognize that school uniforms create structure and discipline, equality and a sense of belonging amongst each other, and lastly school uniforms are cost effective. There have been many on-going debates for and against school uniforms for years. In the following paragraphs I will support my claims on why school uniforms should be required.

In high school back in 1997 our school did not require for us to wear uniforms. Everyone was free to wear what they wanted and school staff was quite lenient with the dress code. Amongst my peers I noticed a lot of kids seem to have no discipline in their life, school was not a priority for them. Our school had a very high drop-out rate, tardies and absences were also high. I believe that if our school would have required the students to wear uniforms, it could have made some type of difference. According to one surveyed parent pro school uniforms, "School uniforms send a signal that school is something to be serious about."(The Debate over School Uniform: Promotes good discipline) I agree with the parents views, because when children have rules and guidelines that they have to follow, that teaches them structure and discipline. In result, the discipline can help guide students through life and in the work field. Normally when children have a set of rules and there are consequences if the rules are broken, in my opinion kids are more than likely going to follow them. In my research I found that Teachers also can attest to the discipline uniforms create. One supporter, Ms. J Brown, a head of faculty in an Essex secondary school believes, 'The uniform serves as an ever-present visual reminder to the pupils of the rules we have in our school.' (Facts against Schools)There are many opponents against implementing school uniforms. Some argue that school uniforms do the opposite of creating structure and discipline. Opponents against school uniform state that, "Uniforms stifle individuality and creativity which may cause kids to have lower self-esteem. In result students will look for outlets for their frustration by acting out or bullying other students."(Robert Vaux-The Effect of Uniforms on School Discipline). I dispute this claim because even though a student maybe required to wear uniforms they can still add their own on personal style to them. DC Glam Examiner states, "Wearing school uniforms doesn't have to be a bore, a student can glam up their uniforms by wearing stylish accessories, socks, shoes, back packs, neck wear and school supplies. (Bray)

In North Carolina, Principal at Southeast Halifax High School, Dr.Viola Vaughan expresses that, "When children look around at each other, they don't see the name brands and clothing that often divides them." I believe these claims are accurate because now days it is all about (the have and the have nots). Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and usually at school, when kids are allowed to wear regular clothes, it is very apparent who has money and who does not. That is why I feel that uniforms create equality. According to one article, a proponent for uniform s found that School Officials state, "They have noticed that their students have better self-esteem because without the name brand clothing on display, students are placed on an equal level."(Self -Esteem and School Unity, Students Rights 2005) I remember being in school and not necessarily having the best. There were many times I was frowned upon because I did not have the most popular brands. I noticed division throughout my school with those who wore the hottest brands and those of us who just wore no name brand clothes. This caused so many disruptions at our school, and kids were not focusing on learning. Again I stress if uniforms were implemented then that would have cut out a lot of necessary distractions. According to one survey Principals identified the following effects of school uniforms: 67 percent saw an improvement in student concentration; 72 percent saw an increase in school spirit; 85 percent noted a better perception of the school by the community; and 75 percent indicated a positive effect on peer pressure among students. (The Benefits of School Uniforms- Students' Rights, 2005) I believe when school allocates school uniforms, it allow kids to feel like they are a part of something. Just like sport uniforms represent a certain organization I think this goes toward school uniforms as well. Dr. Arnold Goldstein believes that, "Uniforms encourage a "sense of belonging" because they promote a feeling of community among the students and help make a troubled student feel like part of a supportive whole."(Self-Esteem and School Unity-Students' Right, 2005) One student in Kentucky expresses her personal experience with you uniforms. She states that at first she did not agree with the whole school uniform deal, but after a while she noticed that students were becoming friends because of their personality not the label on their clothes. She also felt that students have plenty of time outside of school to wear clothes for expression. (Katie-School Uniforms) Katie is one of many students who feel that uniforms have a positive impact on students in school.

I believe school uniforms are cost effective. Some opponents of school uniforms believe that school uniforms are costly and in todays' up and down economy, they are an unnecessary added expense. Some experts believe that uniforms increase the amount of clothing parents will have to buy, and parents who buy from thrift stores or hand me downs will be negatively impacted." (Asabeth-Pros and Cons of School Uniforms) I disagree with this notion whole heartedly. I am mother of a 9 year old little girl who has to wear uniforms. From my experience uniforms have saved me so much money. Of course I have to buy clothes for when she is not in school, but the money I save from buying uniforms allows me the opportunity with no sweat. Now days there are so many discount stores that offer affordable uniforms. I can go buy two or three months' worth of uniforms for less than $300. Also with my daughter's school they three colors she can wear so she can switch up her uniforms for two or three weeks before we need to wash again. In which, these uniforms will last all year, unless she has a massive growth spurt and we have to go buy more. However, with regular clothes you will spend $300 on a couple weeks' worth of clothes, and there are only so many times you can switch it up before kids start making fun of each other. In 1999, the NPD Group conducted a consumer study to determine the cost of a school uniform program. They discovered that families whose children attended "uniform" schools spent an average of $85 less on clothes per year than families whose children did not. (Parker School Uniforms) Even though this study doesn't show a huge saving-, the point is that uniforms are cheaper. Andy Beattie General Manager of Classroom School Uniforms c survey 125 active members of the National School Board Association (NSBA); 59 percent of respondents felt parents find school uniforms more cost-effective, where another 31% were not sure. In 2010, 54 percent felt uniforms were a money-saver where 39% were not sure. (School Uniforms Continue to Be Effective-Christian School Products). Again I stress that school uniforms are the way to go, especially in an unstable economy.

Finally, I would just like to reiterate why school uniforms should be required. There is a saying that goes it takes a village to raise a child, and I believe that a part of the village includes school. School is a place where students learn, and establish life skills that will help them through their journey in life. Uniforms instill discipline and structure, equality and a sense of belonging, and additionally they are cost-effective. As a community, and as a student, and parent winning is apparent.


School Uniform Debate Essay

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“School Uniforms: Yes, or No”
The concept of having school uniform is a topic that has been debated fir any years. Some students find uniforms necessary, others just hate the colors. I think that the students who think uniforms are unnecessary are wrong. Uniforms are an excellent idea and can help school students be more disciplined, have an equal environment, and enjoy greater academics. School uniforms are a great way to maintain a level of social equality. There are more positive effects of wearing school uniforms than negative. School uniform makes student’s lives easier because it eliminates the job of spending hours on picking out clothes for school. First, having school uniform maintains discipline in school. Wearing…show more content…

If students are required to wear school uniforms, then they will automatically dress appropriately. Some students hide weapons in their clothes, so if there is uniform, no one will be able to hide any weapon. Secondly, school uniforms create an equal environment. Uniforms eliminate competition. No student will be considered less important than the other. Staying out of uniform is not a problem for the rich students. If there is no uniform, children, who are rich, will wear brand name clothes and children who are poor will wear regular, simple clothing. The poor children will feel left out because they are different. When children wear school uniform, every child is equal. School uniforms are less expensive compared to regular “play clothing”, it lasts longer, and they can be reused. School uniforms are professional and help kids take school more seriously. When School uniforms help maintain or rise a school’s academic standards. Uniforms help change a person’s attitude toward success. Students go to school to learn, not to show off. Without school uniform, kids will spend more time on picking out clothes rather than doing homework. If children don’t have choice to show off, make fun, or feel left out, then they will concentrate more on their studies. It is proven that schools that have uniforms have higher benchmark scores, SAT scores, and students which decide to go to college. In conclusion, school uniforms do not affect who

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