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The Mississauga mom whose son brought home a drama-class handout with instructions on how to cook and inject crystal meth says she's still not getting answers from the Peel District School Board about its investigation into the incident, and that is making her angry 

The board confirmed the investigation into the teacher is complete and he is still an employee. It would not give any more details about the teacher's motivations, calling it a "personnel" matter.

"It's ludicrous," said Delight Greenidge, who made headlines when CBC Toronto first reported on her son receiving step-by-step instructions the teacher apparently printed off the internet and gave to a group of students to dramatize.

The handout also included a detailed list of ingredients needed for the task. 

A portion of the instructions for making and injecting crystal meth brought home from school by Greenidge's son.

"It was never about getting this teacher fired. It's about understanding, of all the billions of things you can Google and land on, why this assignment. That's the question I need an answer to," she said. 

Early this week, students at the school were sent home with a letter from the principal stating a different teacher would take over drama classes until the end of the school year. 

"For the school board to think this is OK, it's business as usual, I don't think so," said Greenidge.

"I don't need to know the HR part of this. What I need to know is why. That's the fundamental question. This was not a simple assignment or a simple set of instructions. This goes over the line." 

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