Higher Computing Programming Coursework

Important Information

Higher Computing Unit Assessment & Prelim Dates

Computer Architecture Test  End of August
Software Development Unit Assessment November - Week 1
Information Systems February - Week 4
Coursework (40%) Submission Deadline - 3rd week of March
Prelim Exams February 13th Feb, South Street Hall, from 9 am to 11 am

Higher Computing SQA Exam Dates - 2017

SQA Exam  Tuesday 16th May, 2017


Below are some useful resources to help you with your revision.

Revision Resources



The following document provides an overview of the changes to assessment in the Higher Computing Science course, which will be implemented from session 2018-19.

The course content will be organised into the same four areas as the National 5 course: software design and development, computer systems, database design and development, and web design and development.

Details of the skills, knowledge and understanding that will be covered in the course can be found in the following document. In the process of developing further exemplification we identified three minor amendments that we have now made to the skills, knowledge and understanding:

  • In Web Testing, we have removed compatibility testing of operating system
  • In HTML Implementation, ‘main’ has been added to the list of required tags
  • In SQL Implementation, ‘calculated fields’ has been amended to ‘computed values’

28 February 2018 - additional resources

Further clarification and exemplification of the skills, knowledge and understanding that will be covered in the course and links to teaching resources can be found in the following document:

The Web design and development exemplification can be used with reference to the following files:

We will publish the revised Higher course specification by the end of April, and course support notes will be added as an appendix by the end of September 2018 to provide further advice and guidance. 


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