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I LIVE by the LETTER of the LAW and VIOLATE the SPIRIT of the LAW!!!

It is AWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS the WOMAN'S decison!!
HE can't HAVE BABIES! He'll C*M INTO you and then WALK! Leave you ALONE, PENNILESS and TERRIFIED. Then show up in NINE MONTHS after the PRODUCT has been INCUBATED though, won't he?

Then don't HAVE one! No one is FORCING you to HAVE an ABORTION if you DON'T WANT to HAVE an ABORTION! It's ALWAYS the RICH who think THEY can DECIDE for EVERYONE, isn't it!!
It's none of YOUR business whether a woman you DON'T know and will NEVER MEET has a ABORTION! There's ALREADY TOO MUCH F%#@ING HUMAN LIFE on this PLANET!!

Why do you want to be a WOMAN, Stan?
I want to have BABIES.
Where's the FETUS going to GESTATE?
You gonna' keep it in a BOX!
Women: Or the PETRI DISH!

F$#ING MEN need to start MINDING their OWN BUSINESS!! And WOMEN need to SHOW them the F#%ING DOOR!! What the hell do we need THEM for?

They start MASTURBATING as early as age 9!! And do it SEVERAL TIMES a WEEK!! THEN! THEN! THEN! they say they NEED sex!! Because they're not the F@%ING GOOD ones! They NEED someTHING to C*M INTO!! WHY do you think they need ALLLLLLLLLLLLL that F*CKING PORN!! Some of them NEVER STOP MASTURBATING!

And they want to USE CHILDREN because WOMEN with EXPERIENCE know BETTER than to TRUST them. ALL men are A$$HOLES. EXCEPT for ME!

Source(s): Jesus Christ,The BIBLE!!

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