Thesis Statement Examples For The Holocaust

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence or sentences that present the main idea or the central argument of your essay. It tells the reader what your essay is going to argue. Your thesis statement must be presented in your introduction. A good thesis statement will answer your essay question and outline what you will write about, clearly and concisely.

Why should your essay comprise a thesis statement?

The thesis statement guides you to write your essay in a developed and organised way, allowing you to present your argument in a manner that is not too broad. In addition, it provides the reader with an overview of what your essay is going to argue.

For example:

There were many complicated and inter-related causes for the Holocaust, including the economy of Germany, the ideology of the fascists, and Hitler’s personal racism.

From this thesis statement, a reader will know that the essay is going to talk about the causes of the Holocaust. It also clear that the main causes the essay will discuss are: 1) the economy of Germany; 2) the ideology of the fascists; and 3) Hitler’s personal racism.

How to write a thesis statement

1. From the general issue that you are interested in arguing, you should narrow down which part of the issue you are going to discuss. From the example above, you select the Holocaust and narrow it down to discuss only the causes of the Holocaust, not the results, consequences or its influences.

2. Question the issue that you are going to discuss. For example, if you are going to discuss the causes of Holocaust, you might ask yourself, ‘What were the causes of the Holocaust in World War II?’ This should be done as part of your research for your essay.

3. Answer your question with one main idea and provide main valid points to support your answer. For example, from the question above, your main answer might be, ‘There were many complicated and inter-related causes for the Holocaust’. Then you might support your main answer with these reasons:
          – The economy of Germany
          – The ideology of the fascists
          – Hitler’s personal racism

4. Try to write your thesis statement in one or two sentences, concisely and comprehensively. From the above example, your complete thesis statement might be,  ‘There were many complicated and inter-related causes for the Holocaust, including the economy of Germany, the ideology of the fascists, and Hitler’s personal racism’.

Once you have written your thesis statement you are well on your way to writing a high-quality essay!

Holocaust Thesis Statement

, Discover Different Views On Holocaust To Develop Many Holocaust Thesis Statements.

What Is Holocaust


The Holocaust is the genocide of almost six million European Jews during World War II in an intentional attempt to eradicate by National Socialist German Workers’ Party known as Nazi in Germany under the command of Adolph Hitler.

What Is Holocaust Denial?

Holocaust denial means that holocaust didn’t take place at all in history or it didn’t happen at a big scale.

Writing Holocaust Thesis Statement

To write thesis statement on holocaust, you will have to go through the complete study of holocaust finding information on the exact meaning of holocaust, reasons, beginning, end, responsible people of holocaust and holocaust denial.

After collecting and analyzing the information, you can divide it into different categories and focus on each category to develop a thesis statement. In this way you can make many thesis statements about holocaust.

There are some sample thesis statements on holocaust.

Holocaust Thesis Statement On Holocaust Denial

Thesis Statement # 1

“By denying holocaust and the genocide of Jews during the World War II, the holocaust deniers are able to continue anti-Semitism and keep it alive. They are aware that the holocaust took place, and they are glad about it.”

Thesis Statement # 2

“The main objective of holocaust deniers is to add insult to injury by taking the remembrance of the holocaust away, whereby they succeed in robbing Jewish people not only of their past, but also of their future.”

Thesis Statement For Holocaust On Significance Of Holocaust Study

Thesis Statement

“Some authorities imply that the Holocaust should be clearly identified and defined to make certain that such incidents do not take place again in any other form. While others recommend that sticking on to past damages societal advancement and promotes the perception of the Jewish as prey in the worldwide scenario.”


Holocaust Thesis Statement

It is not so difficult to make many thesis statements from one subject. It only requires you to study and get comprehensive information on the subject and critical thinking skill. If you need help to learn more on holocaust thesis statement, just click here.


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